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Kids Room Rugs

custom kids room rugs
Determining the best rug for your child’s area, be it the nursery, bedroom or playroom, has its own unique set of challenges. Consider for example, a material that holds up to rough wear and tear, spills and pets. Or there might be a room theme that you want the rug to match. The activities of your kids room will determine how much of the area should be covered as well, particularly if you have hardwood. In this case, you’ll want to think about protecting the flooring underneath.

Once you’re established what you want to accomplish for your kids rug, the next step decisions will fall more easily into place. Here are some tips to consider:

Rug Size and Placement

For your kids bedroom, and depending on their bed size, a rug that goes under the bed should be 8’x10’ for a full or queen bed and 9’x12’ for a king. An even larger rug, depending on the size of the room, is optimal for covering floor play area as well. If you want to save by going with a smaller rug, a great option is to place a runner on either side of the bed extending the length of the bed and 2.5’ to 3’ wide each. If your children’s room has two twin beds, then one rug runner between them should suffice. For the nursery, perhaps opt for a simple round rug strategically placed by the crib of your little bundle of joy.

Rug Material

You can choose among materials that are great for long lasting wear and tear. If your teen is using a bedroom purely for getting those many hours of youthful zzz’s, perhaps splurge a little for your kid’s special space with an elegant wool rug. They can drop their books, kick off their boots, and feel the luxurious wool between their toes before dozing off to dream land. Another great alternative for your teenage kid is a shag rug to mark their favorite hangout spot.

Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect rug that will hold up to rigors of an ‘all purpose’ room. This space is where pets hang out, your budding artist loves to paint, the dancer spins, and a grilled cheese sandwich is devoured. In this kid room, the best rug material go-to is a synthetic such as nylon or polypropylene. These are affordable and soft yet sturdy and stain resistant too!

Rug Color

All rug materials can be found in beautiful colors, from bold, to soft pastels to warm neutrals. So, here’s where you can get creative. Maybe you want to start with a rug color that matches your child’s personality and interests. For example, a sweet pink rug for your little ballerina could be the perfect center piece for designing the other room décor around. Or maybe you already have a theme going in your child’s room and blue is a predominant color. Blue kids rugs are an easy pick and they can go with just about anything.

Rug Pad

Last, but not least, a good rug pad is critical. Depending on use and placement of your kids rug, you’ll want at least to make sure the pad underneath keeps the rug from sliding and bunching where your child could trip and fall. Consider also, a thicker cushion pad to protect your floor underneath.

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