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Rugs by Size: How to Choose the Perfect Size for Every Room

rug sizing guide

Different room configurations call for their own ideal area rug size and shape, be it a standard 4x6, 9x12, or a custom 8' round. Whatever look and feel, room function, and furniture layout you're going after, we've got the perfect rug waiting for you!

Sizing for kitchen rugs

What size rug will fit best in the kitchen?

In a busy kitchen a small 2'x3' rug placed in front of the sink is ideal. If you have a galley kitchen or center island a 2'6"x8' decorative runner can fill up the space nicely, while providing a nice cushion underfoot. Typical sizes often used in a kitchen are 4x6, 5x7, and runners can be 12' or more if you've a large traffic area.

 Kitchen runner sizes 2 1/2'x8'

A custom sized runner is ideal for a long narrow kitchen or one with an island.

Small kitchen rug sizes 2'x3'

A rug by the sink, approximately 2' X 3", works best in smaller kitchens

Custom living room rugs

Best Rug configurations for the Living Room

Both 8'X10' and 9'x12' are typical general rug size selections for the living room. Depending on the size of the room and furniture configuration, a custom area rug could be the best option to allow for appropriate spacing in inches on and off the rug. A smaller 4'x6' or 6' round rug rug can be used under a coffee table or to define an outside seating area. These can be customized for any size or you can find a great selection of standard sizes in our quick ship rugs shop.

Living room rug sizes 6'x9' or 5'x8'

For sofa and armchairs that are against the walls, the rug size you need should go under the front leg of all large pieces (red outline) or, if you would like more of your floor to show, small enough that none of the furniture legs overlap it (lavender outline in the rug size guide).

Living room rug sizes 9'x12' or 4'x6'

If your furniture is floating in the room, the ideal rug will be big enough to go under all four legs of each large piece (red outline) or again, if you prefer to see the floor, small enough that none of the seating pieces sit on it (lavender outline).

Custom bedroom rugs

What rug size is just right for your bedroom?

When deciding on a bedroom rug, consider color, pattern, material, and size for the perfect look and feel. If your room is large with a king size bed, you'll want a bigger rug as well when running it underneath the bed. For smaller rooms and beds, consider runners. This is particularly effective for kids' bedrooms with two twin beds.

Bedroom rug sizes 8'x10' or 9'x12'

Ideally a bedroom rug should extend about 36" around the sides of your bed. As a general guideline, standard rug sizes are 8'x10' for a full or queen bed and 9'x12' for a king.

Bedroom Runner size 2'x8'

Alternatively, runners on both sides of the bed are a great option providing a cozy feel underfoot. These are usually 2' or more in width and up to 8' in length.

Custom runner rugs

How to measure runner size for the hallway

When measuring your runner size, keep in mind furniture should rest on the bare floor. A long central runner can be used down the center of a hallway with furniture and accent pieces placed either on both sides or along one focal wall.

Runner rug sizes 2' or 3'x 9'

Widths can range from 2' to 3' and lengths can require 9' or more in length. Our large inventory of quick ship runner rug sizes as well as our custom sized rugs allows you to find or design the perfect rug for your unique space and configuration.

Sizing for Dining Room rug

What size should a dining room area rug be?

When sizing for the area under a dining room table, make sure to maximize your rug so that your table and chairs clearly stay on your rug, even when pulling the chairs away from the table. This could mean measuring your rug to be up to 30" larger than your dining table on all four sides or all around if using a round rug..

Dining Room rug size 9'x12'

You will need at least 24" beyond the table on all sides to accommodate your chairs when pushed out. For a smaller room, the front legs of your chairs should stay on the rug 6" when pushed out.

Dining Room rug size 8' Round

Follow the same rules for sizing a rug under a round table, usually 8' round or larger.