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Area Rug Care and Cleaning Products

Our spot remover, fabric protector, and rug cleaner will help keep your rug looking new and last longer.

The best thing you can to to preserve your new rug is to add protection for the material against spills, vacuum regularly, and use a good stain and odor cleaner right after pet mishaps and other soils. And remember to check the fabric label first for rug care instructions.

Our best rug cleaning kit

Host Cleaning Kit

Effectively removes soil, food/drink spills, urine and more without leaving your rug wet and/or sticky. It is easy to use and help keep your rugs spot-free for years. This low moisture formulation makes it Ideal for grasses and sisal but works equally well for all rug types. The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit is made from natural ingredients and is safe for you and your pets!
* 2.5 lbs. Dry Extraction Powder
* 8 oz. Spot Remover
* Carpet Brush


ForceField Fabric Protector

ForceField Fabric Protector

Use ForceField Fabric Protector to protect valuable rug materials against spills and stains. Its performance is unparalleled in keeping rug materials looking newer for longer. ForceField Fabric Protector is designed and optimized to be oil and water repellent. Rug materials treated with this fabric protector will repel virtually all liquid stains (even oil-based stains). Another advantage of this polymer technology is that it will retard soiling (even oily soil) and allows easier removal of soil when rug material does become dirty. ForceField Fabric Protector is excellent for use on sisal, wool and other rug materials. NOTE ForceField Protector does not guarantee its will eliminate all staining from spills and soiling but should significantly reduce or eliminate staining. Each bottle will cover approximately 54 sq.ft.


ForceField Fabric Cleaner

ForceField Fabric Cleaner

ForceField Fabric Cleaner is excellent for use with area rugs. Removes even the most difficult water-based and oil-based spills and stains, including pet stains, coffee, chocolate and red clay. This cleaner is designed for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery and other water-safe fabrics. The pH-balanced formula contains ForceField Soil and Stain Repellent, which protects as it cleans. ForceField Fabric Cleaner is excellent as a spotter and for use in extraction and spin bonnet cleaners.
Cleans difficult stains and spills
Removes oily soil
Works on oil-based and water-based stains
Approved for use on 100% wool and wool-rich carpet/furnishing fabrics
Penetrates deeply into fabric for thorough cleaning(including stain-repellent fabric)
Protects fabrics from oily soil after cleaning
Approved for use on stain-resistant carpets and rugs
Stains will not reappear when used as directed
Pleasant clean scent
Will not damage fabrics when used as directed