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Extra Large and Wide Area Rugs

Transform the entire look of a large room to make it cozier and more inviting with extra wide extra-large rugs. These oversize rugs (a 10x14 rug or bigger) can bring together a voluminous space and make it feel more complete.

Filling a big room with Oversized Rugs

Extra-large rugs can be used to separate different areas of a large room. For example, a seating area can be marked off from the dining area simply by using multiple rugs. To delineate a home office space within a larger living area, a rug that is large enough for all the office furniture to sit on works beautifully.

Extra wide rugs that fill an entire space can add rich texture and color to a room. Choose a rug that has a bold pattern or a bright color to make the space look more vibrant. Neutral colors and subtle patterns create not only an inviting atmosphere, but make the space feel more tied together as well.