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Customizing for the perfect rug

Whether you are designing your rug first, before adding other room elements, or building a custom rug to complement your current room layout, there are lots of reasons why a custom area rug might be the best choice for you.

First, consider your goals. What is the mood you're going for, how big is the space, is the room an odd shape, do you have a high traffic area with pets? Or are you simply looking for the perfect elegant rug to match a beautiful piece of art?

Common reasons to choose a customized rug:

Size and shape needed is different from standard rug size choices

One of the best things about creating your own custom rug is that there are many instances where you need very particular size for the floor area you're covering. Choosing a custom area rug means you can get the perfect length and width or shape to fit your space. You might require an exact long runner for the hallway or a very specific shape, like oval or round, to fit under the dining room table and chairs. There are many reasons for choosing a custom size rug and best of all, its affordable.

More rug material options create more flexibility

With more material selections, you can pull from an assortment of options to meet your lifestyle needs. The right rug material can make a huge difference in how it complements a space and lifestyle as well as how long it will last. For natural fiber lovers, nothing can beat a Sisal or Jute area rug. If you have children, pets, and generally heavy traffic flowing through the floor area you want to cover, then a synthetic option will be the ideal choice for a rug that stands up to this kind of wear and tear. When a room calls for softness and lush elegance, wool is hands down the best rug choice in the bedroom or a cozy living room.

Multiple color selections to match room décor or even an existing carpet

A customized rug enables you to pull in colors from around your space. Try incorporating colors from the walls or curtains to create more visual cohesion in your room. Then you can mix and match with a rug border for the perfect combination.

If you're working in a space with an existing rug or you wish to place a rug on top of your wall-to-wall carpet. Customizing your rug allows for greater options to get that perfect match to your current flooring, instead of settling for something that “almost” matches.

A rug that's both unique to your needs and affordable

Ultimately, a custom area rug is just that: custom. You'll likely never meet someone else with the same piece. No two homes are the same, so why should two rugs be? This is the time to get the creative juices flowing and have some fun trying out borders and materials. With a custom rug, you have the flexibility to experiment with fun color combinations to fit your unique style and budget.