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The Many Ways Your Rug Can Go Round

Customized Round Rugs
Perhaps you’re thinking about putting a round rug in your home or outdoors. Check out these ideas for customizing the perfect round rug that will transform your space!

How Big Should Your Round Rug Be?

It all depends on where you want to put your rug. Perhaps you want to be seated in the round in say, your living room, or you have round furniture that calls for a beautiful rug underneath.

You’ll want to think about size in relation to the kind of activity you anticipate at the location you’ve selected for your round rug. For example, if you have a round hall table and are looking for a rug accent, you needn’t go much bigger in size than the table. Just about 6 inches or no more than a foot. On the other hand, if you have a big round dining room table, then the size should be large enough for each chair to be pushed back from the table and still fit on the rug underneath.

How do you measure for the Perfect Round Rug Size?

It’s easy to custom size a round rug. Just take a measuring tape and start at the center of where you want your rug to be and run it to the desired outer edge. This is the radius. The diameter is double that. For example, if you want to know whether an 8 foot round rug will fit your space, just measure the radius. If 4 feet in all directions from the center is just right, then an 8 foot diameter is your perfect round rug size!

Gathering Round the Table

As much time as we all spend in the galley, let a round rug customized for under your kitchen table be the cozy place to eat, meet, and just hang out.

If you’ve a busy household with lots of potential for messes and spills around the kitchen, dining room, or patio table, choose an easy clean up material for your heavy traffic area round rug.

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