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Custom Rugs

Nothing completes a redesign like a beautifully customized floor rug. When you select the perfect material, shape and size rug to fit the look you’re going for, what you’re likely to find is a designer quality result at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Size Rugs VS Standard Sizes

Among the first steps to customizing a rug is to consider your space and the size rug you’ll need for under the coffee table, dining table, bed or in the center of the room. There are many standard rug sizes to choose from and you may find one such rug to be just the ticket for your needs. One the other hand, when your space calls for a unique solution, a custom sized rug can be an easy option and affordable too. Even some of the more luxurious rug materials, like 100% wool and other natural fibers can be surprisingly obtainable within a modest budget.

Shop Custom Rugs

Senegal Natural Rug, 100% Seagrass
Senegal Natural
Made of 100% Seagrass
Calypso Natural Rug, 100% Sea Grass with Sisal
Calypso Natural
Made of 100% Sea Grass with Sisal
Mountainside Macadamia Rug, 100% Mountain Grass
Mountainside Macadamia
Made of 100% Mountain Grass
Cameroon Natural Rug, 100% Seagrass
Cameroon Natural
Made of 100% Seagrass
Biscayne Natural Rug, 100% Sea Grass
Biscayne Natural
Made of 100% Sea Grass
Kalo Natural Rug, 100% Sea Grass with Sisal
Kalo Natural
Made of 100% Sea Grass with Sisal
Cyprus Natural Rug, 100% Fine Sea Grass
Cyprus Natural
Made of 100% Fine Sea Grass
Something New Beach Party Rug, 100% Anso BCF Nylon
Something New Beach Party
Made of 100% Anso BCF Nylon