Tips to choose the right size rug: Living Room

August 31st, 2016

When deciding on a living room rug, the main purpose of the rug is to pull the entire room together.

In general, the furniture is placed on the rug. A large area rug allows you to arrange furniture on top of it, not around it. The rule of thumb is to be consistent. ALL the furniture legs are either on or off. Measure the seating area and decide on at least a size larger if you plan to place the furniture on top of the rug. Your area rug should also extend at least 6” on both sides of the sofa. So if you have an 8‘ sofa you will want a rug that is at least 9’ on that side. You get the idea.

All too often people settle for a rug too small for their space. A small rug can make a tiny living room feel even smaller.

Do you own a smaller rug you just adore? A fun animal print rug, a vintage find? Why not try layering it on top of a large sisal rug. This is a simple trick designers do quite often. It’s easy and budget friendly too.

Geometric Area Rug - Neutral

August 22nd, 2016

We have rounded up a beautiful selection of neutral geometric rugs. Available on the Perfect Rug ready-made collection. Elegant, simple and striking, these unique pieces will become the focal point of any room.

Helpful Design Tips:

-small scale geometric rugs in tonal beige adds a modern high energy to the room when you add pops of color. Just imagine pops of coral or persimmon.

-Use the texture of geometric rugs to help you achieve the feeling you want to set for the room.

Feeling Blue - Indigo Outdoor Design

July 13th, 2016

This deep cool blue shade is one of my favorites when it comes to outdoor spaces. The indoor/outdoor rug is the perfect compliment to the beautiful and oh so chic Sunbrella Luxe Indigo textile. To complete the space Etsy has an amazing selection of indigo pillows but this pillow is one of my favorites

{Color Code} BLUSH

June 10th, 2016

This soft shade is a true classic. Feeling inspired with The Perfect Rugs Legends Blushing which brings classic beauty to any room with its softly sheared finish in 100% New Zealand Wool.In addition I just could not help but swoon over this lovely blush West Elm Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chair.

Introducing...The Perfect Rug Ready-Made Collection

June 1st, 2016

We invite you to shop our newest addition. A hand selected collection of rugs for every room in your home.

Featured Designer | Courtney McLeod

May 2nd, 2016

Featured Designer Courtney McLeod
Shares her design of a brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

The cream rug used in the central seating area was sourced via Perfect Rug. It is a 9' x 11' Madison in Alabaster with a Serged Border in Off-White.

How did you discover The Perfect Rug?

I discovered the service by sourcing options online, and the combination of quality and value worked perfectly for this project.

What inspired the color?

The deep red rugs in the same room are all from the client's collection and I used them in a layered way. That said, I brought in the neutral rug for the central seating area to differentiate it from the rest of the space. I also felt the bold blue and yellow in the upholstery, and the red in the artwork would really shine against a lighter background. The element that helps to tie all of the rugs together is a repeating diamond pattern - from the large diamonds of the entry rug to the subtle, small scale diamond repeat in the cream rug.

What do the clients say about it?

They love how the rug lightens and brightens the space and allows the bold colors to pop.

Courtney McLeod

Right Meets Left Design

Color Code : Yellow

May 1st, 2016

Bring the sunshine in with this sunny cheerful color!

Color Code: Grey + Brown

May 1st, 2016

These neutrals are anything but boring, from deep rich browns to the softest pale greys these colors will easily grow with your child and can be complemented by an array of bright colors. Shown here from our kids collection are etchware summer haze and twist lava.

How to choose the perfect size bedroom rug

April 19th, 2016

Many people feel challenged when trying to determine the perfect size rug for your bedroom. Well it is much easier than you think with these helpful tips! And ordering a custom size is the perfect solution.

Frame Your Bed

The area rug should extend 36" or so all around the bed. An alternative solution is to just have it extend on the sides leaving the foot of the bed on the floor, this is a good alternative if you space is smaller.

Runners all around

You can easily place a runner on each side of the bed, the runners length should match the length of the bed, but don't forget to keep in mind bedside tables. The runner should stop about 3" before the tables. This is a great alternative if you want to showcase hardwood floors, but still enjoy the cozy warmth of stepping out of bed onto a rug.

The White House

April 19th, 2016

Light and airy the all white space is bright and peaceful, your main focus should be on textures and tones. Accessorizing with white rugs brings warmth and visual interest to the room.