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9' x 13' Ready-Made Rugs

Ocean Port, MON7, Taupe-Sand Area Rug, 100% polypropylene
Ocean Port - Taupe-Sand
Made of 100% polypropylene
$69.00 to $369.00
$62.00 to $332.00
Toluca, XAN1, Iris Area Rug, 100% polypropylene
Toluca - Iris
Made of 100% polypropylene
$99.00 to $499.00
$89.00 to $449.00
If you need to cover a large room floor, consider a standard size area rug in the 9' X 13' size range. At The perfect Rug, we offer large size ready-made rugs in many beautiful designs, patterns, and materials to fit your perfect space within your ideal budget.