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Brown Ready-Made Rugs

Mosaic, MOS-1004, Burnt Orange, Wheat, Dark Brown Area Rug, 100% New Zealand Wool
Mosaic - Burnt Orange, Wheat, Dark Brown
Made of 100% New Zealand Wool
$129.00 to $2431.00
Tamira, TAM-1006, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Camel Area Rug, 5% Polyester, 95% Wool
Tamira - Medium Gray, Light Gray, Camel
Made of 5% Polyester, 95% Wool
$149.00 to $2837.00
Yacht Club, AFU1, Honey-Ivory Area Rug, 100% polypropylene
Yacht Club - Honey-Ivory
Made of 100% polypropylene
$89.00 to $549.00
$80.00 to $494.00
Spice Market, 90668/80153, Myanmar Tobacco Area Rug, 100% Polyester (EverStrand PET)
Spice Market - Myanmar Tobacco
Made of 100% Polyester (EverStrand PET)
$200.00 to $1450.00
Heritage, HR13, Blue/Taupe Area Rug, 60% Wool 40% Viscose
Heritage - Blue/Taupe
Made of 60% Wool 40% Viscose
$171.35 to $3063.60
Banshee, BAN-3300, Dark Brown, Teal Area Rug, 60% Wool, 40% Viscose
Banshee - Dark Brown, Teal
Made of 60% Wool, 40% Viscose
$166.00 to $2216.00
Mugal, IN-8578, Khaki, Cream Area Rug, 100% Semi-Worsted New Zealand Wool
Mugal - Khaki, Cream
Made of 100% Semi-Worsted New Zealand Wool
$338.00 to $6893.00
Tropics, TRO-1009, Khaki Area Rug, 100% Jute
Tropics - Khaki
Made of 100% Jute
$80.00 to $902.00
Southport, COT1, Caramel Area Rug, 100% PET
Southport - Caramel
Made of 100% PET
$59.00 to $599.00
$53.00 to $539.00

Brown Area Rugs

The beauty of a quality brown area rug is not just to warm up your room. This rich color is excellent for hiding dirt, spills and stains as well. When your life is too busy to worry about your rug, brown is a perfect color to keep your room looking forever fresh. At The Perfect Rug, you'll find a generous selection of ready-made brown rugs in multiple sizes.