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The Perfect Rug. Your size, your style. Perfect.


1. What is the Perfect Rug?
The perfect Rug is a web store that creates and sells any size and shape rug you need. Choose from hundreds of materials, then specify the size and binding to create the perfect rug for your space or home.

2. Are rug material colors accurate?
We have done our best to represent all rug colors accurately online, but the color calibration of computer monitors can vary considerably. These photographs are a close representation of our actual colors. Due to photographic reproduction limitations, exact color fidelity is difficult to obtain. We encourage all customer to order samples (the first 3 are free), especially if color accuracy or matching is key to your decision.

3. How long does it take to get my rug?
We will ship most rugs within 10-15 business days. In some cases, if product is back ordered, it may take longer but you will be notified of our shipping date. Shipping will add 3-10 business days to receipt of your rug. If your rug is larger than 9’ in both directions, it will be shipped via LTL freight. If White Glove Services have been added, please allow an additional 1-2 days for our freight company to hand the rug(s) off to your local agent.

4. What if I don’t like my rug?
We strongly encourage all of our customers to sample as many materials as they need to be sure of what they are getting. Since these rugs are cut to order and put together by hand, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

5. What if I don’t find the material I like?
We have over 550 different materials to choose from so we think we have something you will like. If you do not find your perfect rug, please email us ( a detailed description and we will do our best to find the perfect material for you

6. Buying a Custom Rug can be expensive; can I afford your rugs?
The whole idea behind The Perfect Rug is to offer custom-made rugs that are available at reasonable everyday prices – not custom prices. We have worked hard to deliver the best prices possible so that you can afford a custom rug.

7. How do I pay for my rug?
We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Paypal for your convenience.

8. I ordered my rug 2 weeks ago and it is still not here, where can it be?
We ship our rugs the moment they are completed, usually within a week to ten days of when you placed the order. Sometimes it may take a little longer if our workshop is especially busy, or if the mills are experiencing a delay in manufacturing or receipt of material. We do our best to keep you informed if your order is going to be later than 2-3 weeks.

9. Is there any way to get my rug right away?
If you’d like your rug as fast as possible you can arrange for express shipping for an extra fee. It will still take a few days to make your perfect rug but the shipping time will be much faster and your rug will arrive sooner. This option may not always be available with certain materials, please contact us at to see if your size and selection is currently available to be expedited.

10. What if I don’t see the shape I need?
The Perfect Rug will make exactly the rug you want. If you want an L-Shaped, T-shaped or I shaped rug, just contact us at to arrange a phone consultation.

11. Where are the rugs made?
All of the rugs are made in our workshop just outside of San Francisco, California or in our workshop in Calhoun, Georgia

12. What kind of rug pad should I get for my rug?
Having the right sized rug pad is important so we special cut your pad to fit your rug perfectly and sell it to you at the time you order your rug. Different applications of rugs lend themselves to different types of pads/backing. If you are unsure of which pad is best for you, please contact and we would be happy to offer guidance.

13. How do I get samples?
It is easy to order samples of any material you like, simply start shopping our site and browse through our materials. Click “mail me a sample” on any material you select and add it to your shopping basket. The first three samples are free and after that they are $1.50 each.

14. I am placing an order for a large rug, will it have a seam?
The maximum width or length without a seam varies between 12' and 16'4, depending on the material you select. Please refer to the more details section for your specific material for the maximum length or width without a seam. In some cases, the seam may be slightly visible. If you would like more information regarding seam placement or visibility, please call or email us or place a note on your order and we will contact you before processing your order.

15. How will you orient rugs with a pattern or stripes?
We will orient the pattern or stripes to make the most efficient use of material. If you want your rug pattern to run in a particular direction, please indicate in your order. If your pattern direction request results in additional material needed to complete your order, you will be contacted by customer service to authorize any additional charges prior to making the rug.

16. What is the difference between serging, canvas borders and matched bindings?

  • Serging is our recommended choice for most rugs. We use either wool or acrylic thread, depending on the rug material and stitch the border. We can either match the primary color of the rug material or you can choice from over 100 thread colors to personalize your rug.
  • Canvas borders are typically used with natural fibers like sea grass or sisal and add a color accent to your rug. We use 100% cotton canvas, applied with a " blind stitch" (meaning you will not see the stitching on the face of the border). You will see 1 1/2 inches of fabric on the face of your rug. We can either match the primary color of your rug or you can choice from our color assortment to personalize your rug.
  • Matched bindings are our economical binding solution. A thin acrylic material, matched to the primary color of your rug, is stitched around the parameter of your rug. Please note that matched bindings are not available for all materials including natural sisal and seagrasses.