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Basket Weave Rugs

The texture of a basket weave rug can change the whole feel of a room. So why not ad texture to your room with a basket weave rug.

Basket Weave Rugs

From neutrals to blues to darker hues, a basket weave rug is perfect for a room. Basketweaving is an age-old tradition, and its look is a great addition to the pattern group. Choose from one or two-toned rugs and look at your room in a whole new way.

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Timbuktu Slate

Sarafina Honey

Taj Bengal Tan

Togo Aged Bronze

Togo Canvas

Togo Graphite Pearl

Togo Sandstone

Togo Silvered Grey

Togo Timber Dust

Taj Kochi Grey

Taj Kochi Tan