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Synthetic Rugs: Synthetic Area Rug

Synthetic Area Rugs

On trend and hardwearing, today's synthetic rug choices deliver.

Clearly some of the most fun rugs are the bright shaggy numbers that hide a number of evils. But we carry an enormous variety of synthetic rug styles from neutral and nubby to sleek and tailored and many are easy to care for. On trend and hardwearing, synthetic area rugs are a great choice for any room.

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Something New Aztec Sand
Something New Banana Whip
Something New Beach Party
Something New Cloudburst
Something New Crystal Cream
Something New Earl Grey
Something New Himalayan Mist
Something New Library Pewter
Something New Rocky Grey
Something New Satin Ivory
Something New Silver Charm
Urban Links Newsprint
Urban Links Skyline Steel
Believe Honey Brickle
Believe Straw
Believe Summer Grain
Believe Wood Tone
With Love Cinnabar
With Love Coastal Plain
With Love Honey Brickle
With Love Straw
With Love Summer Grain
With Love Wood Tone
Art Brickstone
Art Lenox Tan
Art Midtown Grey
Mystery Midtown Grey
Retro Lenox Tan