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Performance Area Rugs

High performance rugs are durable for years.

When you are looking for a high performance rug that can withstand the rough and tumble of a family or pets, look no further. Many are even made from recycled materials to earn the best possible green rating. There is simply an enormous variety of style and construction for the toughest rugs available.

Performance Area Rugs

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La Passion Blue Lagoon

Woven Grassland Meadow Pine

Woven Grassland Golden Straw

Woven Grassland Cracked Reed

Woven Grassland Charcoal Jute

Grand Safari Warm Earth

Grand Safari Early Ray

Grand Safari Desert Scene

Grand Safari Cracked Reed

Grand Safari Cloudless Sky

Exotic Coverings White Python

Exotic Coverings Safari Beige

Exotic Coverings Black Walnut

Serengeti Wild Root

Mamma Mia Whitewash

Madison Peristeel

Madison Crimson

Madison Cinder

Madison Alabaster

Tangier Tangine

Tangier Mosaic

Tangier Limbara

Super Chic Thats The Way

Super Chic Saturday Night

Super Chic Last Dance

Super Chic Go West

Super Chic Funky Town

Super Chic Fan The Fire

Super Chic Cocomotion

Super Chic Angel Eyes

Nibbana Wildflower

Nibbana Valley

Nibbana Shalimar

Nibbana Setting Sun

Nibbana Ridge

Nibbana Pine Forest

Nibbana Peak

Nibbana Glacier

My My My Timeless Tan

My My My Safari

My My My Rich Menthe

My My My Lotus

My My My Pure White

My My My Fresh Linen

My My My Delicate Ivory

Shangri La Sondra

Shangri La Manchu

Shangri La Lama

Shangri La Eden