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Another way to shop is to look at our collections. We've put all of our white rugs in one collection called Mighty Whites. You can shop for nothing but rich white rugs in this category. Or, you can see a variety of pastels in Soft Surroundings. Looking for something tailored for an office? Or what about adding some texture to your neutral rug? Click on one of the options to your left to see a collection of our favorite rugs.


We take colors into consideration. We take décor styles into consideration. Essentially, we created a one-stop shopping section that caters to your area rug needs.

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What If Magnolia

What If Firefly

What If Burlwood

What If Breeze

Natural Spaces Creek Bed

Natural Spaces Bark

Natural Spaces Acorn

Ophelia Quartz

Ophelia Martini

Ophelia Aqua

Nigel Quartz

Nigel Mica

Nigel Cinnabar

Nigel Charcoal

Nigel Aqua

Jeeves Quartz

Jeeves Mica

Jeeves Martini

Jeeves Aqua

Promenade Burma

Promenade Delhi

Promenade Bengal

Enchantment Madras

Enchantment Kashmir

Enchantment Burma

Enchantment Bombay

Bagaria Antolian

Otto Summer Sand

Otto Rich Fawn

Otto Prairie Tan

Otto Natural

Otto Graphite

Otto Charcoal

Milano Peppered Moss

Milano Peat

Milano Mountain Top